Co-Pastor Ernestine Waddell Miller was born in Winston-Salem, NC where she attended the Winston-Salem Forsyth County public schools and graduated from Anderson High.  She has been married for 46 years to Pastor Richard C. Miller, Sr., and from this union, seven beautiful children were born.  She is also a proud and loving grandmother and great grandmother.  She gave her life to Christ in August of 1967 and has been preaching the Word of God since 1985.  A faithful member of Holy Trinity Full Gospel Fellowship Center, she has been functioning in the capacity of Co-Pastor since 1993.  Co-Pastor Miller is the superintendent of Holy Trinity’s Christian Education Ministry and has established numerous programs and activities. 

But more important than her personal life history, her church affiliation, or her many other beautiful qualities, is her Love for God!  She is a wonderful example to all of Godliness.  You need to be in her presence only a few minutes before recognizing the powerful anointing God has placed on her life.  This is very evident whenever anyone is blessed to hear her speak or be under her teaching.

Her favorite scripture reveals even more about this fascinating woman of God ~ ~ Ephesians 6:10-18.  These verses reveal a definite truth about Co-Pastor Miller.  She lives her life prepared to do spiritual battle for the Lord, by adorning herself daily in the “WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD.”  To know her is to love her ~ ~ a woman of truth, righteousness, peace, faith, certain of her salvation and abiding in the Word of God.  God has surely blessed us with the best!